About us

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. Matt. 18:20

Golden Hills Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The history of Golden Hills SDA Church has its beginning in the late 1970’s when a group of 50 believers attending the Omaha Memorial Church, a congregation in north Omaha, who felt God leading them to plant a church to reach out to the Air Force population in Bellevue NE.

By 1977 they began a building program and the next year they purchased the property that the church is built on. Construction of the building began in mid-April of 1979 and the Grand Opening was held on December 8, 1979. The mortgage was paid off in 1986 and the church was dedicated on October 25 of that year.

In 1996 a school building was constructed to house the budding church school that had been meeting in one of the classrooms in the church. Unfortunately in 2006, after the church faced some difficult challenges, the school ceased to operate; and in 2009 it was voted to officially close. However, we are still optimistic that as we grow we will be able to provide a place for Christian Education to flourish.

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Today, Golden Hills is a growing congregation of over 100 active members, which allows us to maintain a small “family feel” while being big enough to offer significant opportunities for service. We hope to maintain this balance as God blesses us with new members. We have lots of young families as well as more “experienced” believers who participate in weekly worship services which blend both contemporary and traditional worship styles.

We seek to foster relationships through social activities, such as campouts and our annual Crazy Bowling night, as well as encouraging each other to take a community spirit with us when we leave 4 walls of the church so our ability to develop strong relationships isn’t dependant on church functions.

We also place an emphasis on community outreach through seminars and collections taken for organizations such as Open Door Mission, various food pantries, ADRA, and our local women’s shelter.

Above all else we strive to provide a friendly worship environment that seeks to introduce people to God and share His love with the world through preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing opportunities to serve Him and discover the plans He has for your life. We hope you will join us for worship Saturday mornings.

Mission Statement

The Golden Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church is a Fellowship of Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance; a believing body committing their lives to Jesus Christ and determined to:

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  • Reflect the love and purity of Jesus' life and character
  • Unselfishly care for each othr and seek to promote the personal and spiritual growth of each other.
  • Unselfishly serve our fellow man
  • Share the warmth and conviction by our lives, and words, the message and person of Christ with those who are not yet committed to Him by giving priority to evangelism on all levels and on all fronts
  • Dedicate the gifts that God has entrusted to us to the fulfillment of the Mission of the Church
  • Eagerly look for and earnestly seek to hasten the return of the Lord