is a website operated by the Voice of Prophecy that provides answers to questions about life and the Bible. This thriving digital ministry has an incredible worldwide reach: about 1 million people visit the site every month, coming from over 200 countries across the globe. Most of these people come to through search result links after searching on Google for Bible-related topics.

And in the wake of the coronavirus and rising worldwide interest in Bible prophecy, it’s no wonder that in the last 12 months over 100,000 people have read the article about COVID-19.

If one of these visitors, sent from a search engine like Google, can’t find the answer they’re looking for, they can ask one of our volunteers who will personally answer their question through the message center. Additionally, they can request prayer and a volunteer will minister to them. also provides our Discover Bible School’s free Bible study guides, with the option to either receive them through the mail or take them over the internet. These Bible guides cover topics ranging from how to have a stronger relationship with Jesus to understanding Daniel and Revelation.

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