Five Loaves and Two Tennis Shoes

Don Jacobsen’s blog last weekend was titled Five Loaves and Two Tennis Shoes and shares some interesting thoughts on outreach.

In the midst of the coronavirus and some major civil unrest in our country, the Renton, WA church decided to take to the streets. They were able to locate 50 brand new backpacks and fill them with stuff for kids. They put out a call to their members for food, hygiene items, toilet paper, bread, and anything else a needy family might appreciate.

By mid-afternoon so much stuff had accumulated they jokingly discussed the need to set up a neighborhood store in the entry of the church. They sorted and packed and prayed and loaded the cars. And the heavens opened. I mean it rained – as it can in the Pacific Northwest. Undeterred, they headed for the parking lot.

But as they splashed through the rain someone spotted a destitute man sitting in the entryway of the church across the street … (Click here to read the entire post.)

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