From Bible Gateway’s Weekly Brief

God and the Pandemic: How are we supposed to think Biblically about the Coronavirus crisis? Is it a sign of the end of the world? Is it a call for repentance? Is God judging the world? What should be our approach drawing on Scripture, Christian history, and the way of living, thinking, and praying revealed to us by Jesus? Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. N.T. Wright about his book, God and the Pandemic: A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and its Aftermath. (Click here to read more.) 

What Does the Bible Say about Wealth and Prosperity? Costi W. Hinn, author of God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel: How Truth Overwhelms a Life Built on Lies, says, “Money tests our hearts like little else on earth. Whether it be the test of poverty or the test of prosperity, money brings out the best and worst in us. Probably the most important stewardship principle to remember is this: God owns everything …” (Click here to read more.) 

Reading the Bible with America’s Founding Fathers: No book was more accessible or familiar to the American founders than the Bible, and no book was more frequently alluded to or quoted from in the political discourse of the age. How and for what purposes did the founding generation use the Bible? How did the Bible influence their political culture? Bible Gateway interviewed Daniel L. Dreisbach about his book, Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers. (Click here to read more.) 

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