Giving While You’re Living

Julian Archer, the author of Help, I’ve Been Blessed, occasionally writes an email blog titled The Bruised Camel (based on Mark 10:25). This is the blog that came on September 6, 2021.

What a privilege it is to return to God some of the many blessings He entrusts to us. Throughout our lives, and at our death, we can give generously to God’s work, and thereby acknowledge Him as the Giver of all good things. 

Sadly, many well-meaning people hold on to assets and investments, above their needs, until the day they die. And then, often before the grave flowers have even wilted, family members phone the lawyers to find out, “How much did I get?”

How tragically sad.

If we truly believe that all we own is God’s, then why does it all somehow become our children’s on the day we die? Death doesn’t remove God’s ownership, nor our responsibility to be faithful stewards.

We each have ample opportunity to give generously to God and our families during our lives, and to be greatly blessed in the process. So why would we leave it until it’s too late? Would a faithful steward leave God’s assets to be spent on the unknowable desires of the next generation, or worse still, on family arguments and legal fees?

So what’s the solution? “Do your giving while you’re living, so you’re knowing where it’s going.”

God bless,

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