Important Church Business

We recently invited three people to join our Church Leadership Team as new Elders, added five new members to our Ministries Leadership Team (MLT), and one person is asking to transfer their membership here to our church.

These all need the approval of the church and are things we would normally handle during the announcement time at our worship service. However; we are not meeting – and when we start meeting our numbers will be low. We need to move forward on these so we will be doing this online via Survey Monkey.

Here are the people we have invited to become new Elders and who have accepted: Juan Fals, Brett Knutson, and Mike Wells.

Here are the people you nominated and who have accepted positions on MLT: Holly Degerness, Diane Harrington, Lori Knutson, Miyong Kuon, and Nathan Wisecup.

And Terrell Walker has asked to transfer his membership to Golden Hills Church from College View Church in Lincoln.

If you’re a member of our church, please take a couple of minutes to vote on these by clicking here and in the drop-down box by each name simply selecting yes or no.