Our First Service Back

Last Sabbath (July 4) we began the process of gently opening our building for services again – There were just over 30 of us there.

It was wonderful to see some faces looking back at me instead of just the camera.

The next few Sabbaths will continue to look and feel a bit different as we continue with the social distancing, required face masks, and a format for our worship that focuses on those watching at home.

If you are wishing to attend this coming Sabbath, you will of course be welcome as long as you are willing to follow the health and safety guidelines (click here to download the guidelines).

If you currently have underlying health concerns, it still may be the wisest thing to stay home a few more weeks till we see the direction the disease is taking here in our area – especially given the continued acceleration of COVID-19 in a number of places throughout our country. 

We will continue livestreaming our services and inviting you to interact with us via text messages. You can view it on our website, our Facebook Page, or our YouTube Channel.

We will continue to communicate through our website, our Facebook PageGolden News(our weekly email newsletter – click here to sign up for it), and the Pastor’s Blog

We are available by phone and can begin making selective home visits again (click here for contact information for our Elders and me). 

As always, we are praying for guidance and listening to health professionals and our local and state governments.

Stay safe, be patient, and keep focusing on Jesus each day! – Pastor T,