Pathway to Health – Indianapolis, 2022

As we continue our countdown to Indianapolis, with our opening date less than three weeks away, funds are the critical resource we need most to bring everything together. The rising costs of fuel, supplies, added in with inflation and supply-chain constraints, have created significant additional costs to our Indianapolis event. However, we go forward in faith and by appeal to you and all others who have faithfully supported Pathway to Health in the past. If you have volunteered in the past, and/or will be volunteering in Indianapolis, you know the power of lives touched through our events. Stories of God’s grace is why we do this.

One lesson we’ve learned is people who are unable to attend a Pathway to Health event still want to be involved and giving is the easiest and most effective way to do so. If you are a supporter of Pathway to Health, and yet unable to attend our Indy event this year, please consider a donation through our GoFundMe non-profit page, with all money going directly to patientcare. Your gift still works in the lives of all who attend, from volunteers to patients.

If you are coming to Indianapolis in a couple weeks, we are excited to have you, and look forward to working together directly with those who come as patients. Your time, talents and financial sacrifices are deeply appreciated. Your act of volunteering and giving graciously through service is also an invitation to others to give financially. How? By you sharing what you will be doing in Indianapolis through email, and on your social media, including the link to our GoFundMe giving page, and asking those you know to consider a financial gift to a cause you wholeheartedly believe in. In turn, ask them to consider sharing as well. Additionally, you may speak to your local church about sharing via bulletin or another announcement platform.

And lastly, which is our priority, would you place Pathway to Health at the top of your prayer request list? From now, until April 21 when we wrap up our event, we know all things will work because God is faithful and will see our plans through. We want to leave a living-witness to His power, up to the event, and through it. Your prayers matter! Pray for the needed funds to come in, safety of all our volunteers, and the interactions with each patient.

With appreciation to all of you who support our mission,
Ivan Golubic
President, CEO
Pathway to Health

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