Shamed …

This past week in Prayer Meeting we were discussing the last part of 1 John 4 and talking about loving each other. The next day Brett shared this article with me from the Washington Post that perfectly illustrated what we were talking about. It was too good to not share. Hope you enjoy it and are inspired as I was.

A neighborhood on Long Island is covered in Christmas decorations — and not because people neglected to take them down.

Although the holiday season is long past, twinkly lights and festive ornaments recently reappeared on the streets of Bethpage, in a show of support for a grieving neighbor.

It started when Sara Pascucci received a letter in the mail on Feb. 3 scolding her for still having Christmas decorations up.

The anonymous, typed letter read: “Take your Christmas lights down! It’s Valentines Day!!!!!!”

While the letter would have upset her in normal circumstances, Pascucci said, it hit especially hard now. She lost both her father and her aunt to covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in January, less than one week apart.

Her father, who lived with her, put up the Christmas decorations immediately after Thanksgiving — as he did every year. In the weeks following his death on Jan. 15, Pascucci couldn’t bring herself to take the decorations down. Receiving the harsh letter, she said, was “a major blow to the heart.” (To read the rest of the article, click here).