What’s Happening? Jan. 23, 2021

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Sunset this Friday – 5:28 pm

Sabbath School and Church is not meeting in person at church right now due to the increase in COVID cases in our community. We are tentatively working towards opening up for our Worship Service only on February 13 if the numbers are moving in the right direction. Click here for more information.

Sabbath School Resources:

To study the current Sabbath School Lesson on-line, click here.

Hope Sabbath School, click here.

This Sabbath Online:

Our Alternate Sabbath School Class is studying the book of John each Sabbath at 9:30 am. They meet online. For instructions on how to participate, click here.

Our Worship Service begins online at 11:10 am with Mission Spotlight followed by the Children’s Corner. We continue our series on the book of Revelation titled Finding Jesus in Revelation (and Hearing His Voice). This Sabbath’s presentation is titled Alpha & Omega. To download the assignment for this week click here.

You can view the service right here on our Website, our Facebook Page, or our YouTube Channel.

To watch last week’s presentation by Mike Wells titled Walking in the Spirit, click here.

You can watch any of our previously recorded worship services by clicking here.

Pathfinders and Adventurers are not currently meeting. For information about Pathfinders contact Holly Degerness (402-917-4718) or Marina Nolasco (402-215-6048); for information about Adventurers, contact Lori Knutson (llknutson@yahoo.com).

Prayer Meeting meets Tuesday (Jan. 26) at 6:00 pm. We are going through the book of 1 John. We are still meeting on-line. For instructions on how to participate, click here. Contact Pastor T for more information (402-517-5333).

MLT meets Tuesday (Jan. 26) at 7:15 pm. For instructions on how to participate, click here. If you have any items that need to be considered, please email Lori Knutson (llknutson@yahoo.com).

Sunset next Friday – 5:36 pm